Friday, July 31, 2009

Who can resist the scrumptious taste of breadfruit? Roasted on the burner until the skin turns black. You peel away the layers to the gold inside. Or, thinly sliced and fried to a golden brown with spicy ackee and saltfish. Hmmm...who can resist the taste indeed, not this Jamaican Fairy™.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Even when resting in the comfort of the air-conditioned house, one can still feel the pull to wander out into the balmy summer night. A fan of captivating music, I sway in the warmth to the croaking baseline of frogs and the falsetto pitch of crickets and can hear something somewhat out-of-place, yet so familiar. Steel drums. Tiny, tinny charms of drums echoing throughout the night. As I let the music move me, I spot, out of the corner of my eye, glistening wings and flittering little … bugs? birds? They know I am wondering and giggle at my confusion as they whisper their island songs. It could only be one thing on a magical night such as this. Fairies. Jamaican Fairies™ to be exact. I giggle along with them as they let me spy on their concert.


Distracted by the neighbor’s cat, the backyard goes silent. I rush in and grab my sketchbook to jot down all I have seen because no one will believe me otherwise. Capturing their colorful outfits and multi-cultural beauty, they are everything I remember from my younger days as an island child. Do you believe in fairies? 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trip to the Grand Canyon

Gosh, lots of catching up to do. We recently took a trip to Arizona. The Grand Canyon is absolutely majestic.