Monday, January 9, 2012

Something New:

My quest in the new year is to organize my home and my business. I am still working on my home but I did come across a great website to help with my business. It's called It is owned by fellow Etsy owner Timothy Adam (above). He's been very successful running his business and has paid it forward by sharing his tips with other entrepreneurs on his site. Let's see, we are in our second week of January and I have literally been scouring over information everyday so far. He also has many amazing talents contributing to the site so you will come across a plethora (always wanted to use this word) of helpful information. I have been asking myself why of why oh why didn't I come across this site five years ago when I first started on Etsy? But that's ok, it only means I was meant to find it right now. I hope you'll find it too.

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